In the Beginning – Patagonia, Argentina by DaveMorrow

The center peak in this photo is Cerro Torre which is also one of the most amazing mountains I’ve ever seen. Rising 3,128 m / 10,262 ft the range straddles the border between Argentina and Chile.

The shot you see here was taken from Argentina, but most climbing routes start from the glacier field on the back side in Chile.

I camped out here for 3 days under perfectly clear skies waiting for twilight then sunrise each morning. On the last day light cloud cover filled the sky and I was able to capture this image.

Some days the lake is filled with ice, others it melts off and you won’t see much at all.

During the night glaciers can be heard crashing down the massive glacier field seen in the left of the photo. My camp was setup within a close 5 minute walk from this location so it was quite easy to explore the entire valley looking for compositions and new places to shoot.

Enjoy & Thanks for Looking,

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