Sunrise in Schönhagen, Germany by andiblockiersystem

I had no luck with the sunsets during my vacation. Either it was raining or the sky was dull and grey. Watching the forecast I decided to try me luck in the morning and capture the sunrise. For the very first time actually.

So I set the alarm to 5 am and drove to Schönhagen. It was a great feeling getting out so early and cruising through the land with my favorite music – hoping for magic 😉

Once I arrived at the beach I checked where the sun will rise on the horizon, arranged the beach chairs, cleaned the place a little and set up the camera. 

About a hour later the sun was greeting and enlightened the scene 😉

My vision was to have contrast in the sky and the foreground and a creamy sea to separate the different layers.
Therefore the image is a manual blend of three single images:
• short exposure for the sky
• long exposure for the sea
• mid exposure for the foreground

I’m really happy with the result and so glad I got up that early.

Thank you for your likes and favs and especially for your comments and follows!

Happy shooting,

via 500px

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