Sculpted View by JohanEickmeyer

I could possibly be the only person to ever get a photo from this exact spot. It took me many days of scouting an area in the Cascade Mountains before finding the type of photo I wanted. The topography maps showed there were some tight areas along this stream, so I went searching. It required several months of visiting on different occasions to not only find a good composition, but also to find an accessible route. I had to wait another year to come back during the best time of the season for the right lighting and conditions. The light down in this area between tall mountain peaks was quite dim, and gave it a nice deep forest sort of vibe.

One of the things that you can’t see from the photo is how tiny this ledge is. The camera is literally backed up right against a steep rock slab and I had to crawl out to the side of it on this thin ledge to take the photo. To make matters even worse, it was raining, and I had to also hold an umbrella over the camera to keep it dry while trying to guess where the camera was pointed. After many attempts, I finally got the composition right. There is also a large set of waterfalls down stream to the left that wouldn’t have been any fun to fall into. Quite an exhilarating location!

Hope you like it!

via 500px

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