I Promise Will be Together Till The End by BertoniSiswanto

When i`m arrive here , my mind and my heart completely makes a war but i`m trying to calm . Then i`m meet another friend landscaper too , good tide , perfect clouds & wind , great spot even its was danger and hard but i`m enjoyed all the time in here for sunrise .
I was suprising to see clouds come to this side with the perfect wind that meaning at the sky wind is good enough to make long exposure and at the sea was calm so then i can completly got perfect reflections , Thanks God ( ALLAH SWT ) always Blessing me .

Enjoyed my photography and God Bless You All , if anyone wanna have tour photography around Bali , Java or somewhere in another part of Indonesia can contact me here my mail : toni220878@icloud.com or http://ift.tt/1G0GBXQ … Thank you

via 500px http://ift.tt/1G0GzPJ

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