Berry on the top by Andre_Villeneuve

Red and Berry on the lunch time

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Quest for Survival by chrishpetersen

This young black capped chickadee is easily recognized by its “black cap and bib”. What is often missed is their incredible journey to survive.

Born in the hot summer, this little bird is 5 inches long and weighs only 1/2 oz (10 grams). It must learn how to survive frigid winter winds, blizzards and subzero temperatures. To do that, it has the ability to let old neurons die so it’s brain can learn new habits and food sources in order to survive.

World Wildlife Day on September 4th will rightfully focus on the endangered species. But as I was practicing for my African safari, it occurred to me that this little chickadee is also a symbol of the need to appreciate all wildlife species and conservation.

For those who reviewed my quest for feedback on high ISO on my last post, thanks for your comments. This shot incorporated many of your ideas and tips. The lighting was very dark and required the following settings for this jumpy bird that won’t sit still:
Canon5D III
200-400mm lens, 1.4 X internal plus 1.4X external converter = 784mm
ISO 3200, f8 due to both converters, 1/1000s

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