Eye of the Mariner by everlookphotography

Mariner’s Falls
Otway Ranges

“He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.”

(From one of few poems I know by Coleridge : Rime of the ancient mariner)

I was playing around with reflections and masking for this one. The path is officially closed due to fallen trees and the associated risk. Though they obscure the falls, I thought it would make for an interesting concept /composition to shoot through the trees. (Original image is the right half).

The story of this falls is again another microcosm of our recent family trip. We had decided to make an outing to this spot before lunch at Apollo Bay (45 minutes from our accommodation) but as we approached, the signs said ‘closed’. Not knowing what that meant, we visited Carisbrook Falls instead before having lunch with the kids. Having been underwhelmed by Carisbrook , I figured (to Marianne’s chagrin) that we might as well visit something nicer and I doubted that they would have ‘boarded up’ the area to the falls. True enough, there was an advisory sign that there was risk of falling trees. Due to building family angst, I decided to sprint to the falls and back allowing myself half an hour return for the walk and pics. Snap snap snap , sweat sweat sweat and back to potentially triple tantrums! Lucky all was forgiven 🙂 I know we like to present that our family trips are this family nirvana of everyone being happy but the truth is, its sometimes pretty hard to do what you want without upsetting others (oh except Charlotte, she was just crazy on 4 year old adrenaline all trip) and in retrospect, probably should have either visited this spot initially or not at all. But its such a sweet spot though!!!

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Lost in Caradhras by StefanHefele

“Lost in Caradhras” – Hautes Alpes – France

Even in summer the mountain range in the Misty Mountains seems bizarre and icy. Framed by black pinnacles that rise skyward, the glassy blue mirror lake is situated like a pearl.
Since my last photo tour into the Alps I fell more and more in love with the world of fantasy stories. This is for sure also due to the bizarre landscapes.
But when I think back, I always had an affinity for the fairytale.
Well, as you see, dream and reality are closer together than often assumed. For me one reason to even delve deeper into this fascinating world.


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lifeline by Apocinyo

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En çok pişman olduğum şey; pişman olacağım diye yapamadıklarım ve

Bütün Mesele, Ruhları Görebilecek Gözler Edinmektir.

Yaşamanın Tadını Çıkarmaktan Korkana Aptal Derim

Başkalarını Hep Bağışla; Kendini Hiç Bağışlama.

Biri Sana Kötülük Ederse Unut, Ama Sen Birine Kötülük Edersen Hiç Unutma.

Herkesin Sizden İyi Bir Şekilde Söz Etmesini Mi İstiyorsunuz? Öyleyse Kendinizi Övmeyin.

Başkalarını Bilen Kimse Bilgili, Kendini Bilen Kimse Akıllıdır.

Davranışlar Herkesin Kendini Seyrettiği Bir Aynadır.

Dünyada, Kendi Hakkında Konuşulmaktan Daha Kötü Bir Şey Vardır; Kendi Hakkında Konuşulmamak.

Söz kalpten çıkarsa kalbe kadar gider, dilden çıkarsa kulağı aşamaz.

Küçük olaylar karşısında sabırlı olmazsan
büyük planları gerçekleştiremezsin.

İnsanın En Büyük Düşmanı Kendisidir.

Düşünceler İyi Ve Cesur Olanların Beyinlerinde, Kollarında Gelişmelidir; Yoksa Rüya Olmaktan İleri Gidemezler.

Herkes Düşüncelerinde Yanılabilir. Ama Aptallar Bir Türlü Yanıldıklarını Anlayamazlar.

Konuşmak, Öğrenmeye Yol Açar; Ama Dehanın Okulu Yalnızlıktır.

Öğrenmenin Üç Kaynağı Vardır; Çok Görmek, Çok Acı Çekmek, Çok Çalışmaktır.

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Lake Erie is Angry by morganpt

On June 27th, gale force winds swept across Lake Erie and churned up the waters to cover most of Port Clinton, including some homes. Here is the storm, a bit calmer the morning of the next day. I also put up a BW version, after today, I’ll delete the one that is less “popular.” I’m really interested in what folks think!!!

This shot is a composite of three shots – one for the sky, one for the midground water (that wave) and one for the water in the foreground. The settings are:

Sky shot – ISO 200. f10, 10secs, B+W 3.0 ND filter
Midground Water – ISO 800. f4.5, .7s, B+W 3.0 ND filter
Foreground water – ISO 800. f8, 2.3 secs, B+W 3.0 ND filter

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Gone With the Wind by LisaHolloway

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*Love is a Meditation* by Fotoarte

Wow friends, I never would have guessed that my pictures reach the first side on a such great foto-community like 500px. It’s overwhelming for me. I wanna say thank You for Your kind support.

Be on Your guard and don’t let yourself be fooled by politricks.
Have a peaceful time!

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Makira fantail by khoitran

The Makira fantail or dusky fantail (Rhipidura tenebrosa) is a species of bird in the Rhipiduridae family. It is endemic to the Solomon Islands.

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.

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