Crown waterfall-Spirit Falls by BogdanVasilic

“””This is a reprocessed file of Spirit Falls, that i’ve posted few days ago.
Something was really off with the waterfall it self,and looks like optics of the lens made some crazy distortion in upper part of the image so i had to warp it out to make the fall look more “straight”, slight crop after that and tad desaturation on the blues. “””

I would name and title this waterfall as the crown jewel of PNW. Crazy 700 ft hike down the goat paths and slippery mossy rocks get you to one of the greatest and not so crowded waterfalls in Pacific North West.
This is a Spirit falls on Washington side of the Gorge, taken in mid morning light at the peak of fall colors.
5 hrs of solitude and peace I had here, drinking my morning coffee, taking photos and so on for couple of hours.
I would love if you could VIEW IT ON BLACK background and explore these juicy shadows.
This is a single raw file, purposly left the highlights a little blown out to keep it as realistic as possible. Standard LR processing with Orton added in PS.
Thanks for stoping bye.

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Silk by BogdanVasilic

Butte Creek Falls, Marion county, Oregon
Novembar 2015.
78 foot waterfall on a Butte Creek trail consists total of 3 waterfalls, more famous Upper Butte Creek Falls, Butte and Lower Butte Creek Waterfall. All roaming through thick maple and evergreen forests, steep cliffs and slippery rocks which makes this one particularly really hard base accessible during rain hours.
This is single frame image processed in LR with PS Orton Effect added in PS.
Fall is for me special part of the year to visit diversity what Oregon can offer for us landscape photographer, from high wave actions on Pacific through high altitude fall colors with lush blue waterfalls and snow covered peaks, combinations that every landscape photographer wants, and that was my trip consistent from.

And for most and not the last, my prayers goes for the injured and killed in massive attack in Paris, FR.
Europe, France stay strong! 

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Lost in the Light by RoeselienRaimond | Facebook | Blog
On a very early morning< I traveled to the forest and the beautiful trees with the sun beams coming through made me feel like a mini-me and I got totally lost in the forest. Not literally lost, like usually , but more figuratively spoken this time….;)

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Herald of Fagus by efossati

I wish to dedicate this shot to my friend Arturo Solis who shared with me the secrets of Asturian forests. An unfrgettable morning searching for ancient trees.

For Capture this shot i have used Lucroit Equipment, if you are interested don’t foget that you can get 10%OFF with my Discount Code FOSSATI10.
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