Moraine Lake Sunrise by ryan_kole

I took this several months ago when my Sony a65 decided to go on the fritz… I brought out my Sony Nex5 and made the most of my day.

This was taken at about 5am one chilly morning a few months ago.

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Skip Life Away by ryan_kole

I took this a few weeks ago… When I couldn’t hike what I wanted to, my friend and I hoped in the car and headed to Moraine Lake. A few weeks ago, I posted what the lake look like before skipping stones in the lake. This is actually my favourite image from the day as it reminds me of a song released back in 2004 (or 2005) by Rise Against… Swing Life Away. A song written about a few people they met on tour while in Lake Louise.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Lake Louise road, Moraine Lake is an 11Km detour from Lake Louise itself.

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Moraine Making it’s Bed by Odyssey-Photograpy

Moraine lake located in the valley of the 10 peaks but only a few are visible on this day. Banff national part has many many Gems but this is my favourite as its easy to get to! I was fortunate enough to visit it about 10 times this past summer and was able to see if from its de thawing stage to the beautiful blue summer days and even the vivid and colourful fall days but now its time for it to get ready for a another winter sleep.I am fortunate to live in Canmore Alberta which is a 10 minute drive to BNP which puts me about a 40 minute drive away from this location 🙂 . A few weeks back i posted a similar shot but from the other side of the “tourist hill” hope you guys all enjoy and have a great week end.

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Sunny Day at Moraine Lake by ryan_kole

Another one of Moraine I took a few weeks ago… I found a new perch on top of the rocks at the main view point. I still prefer my usual “off the beaten path” spots but every now and again it’s nice to play tourist.

To this day, this was the most amazing I have ever seen this lake… As many know, I have spent much time there this year. This is another image that is 100%unedited or processed in any way. It was an unreal day to be visiting.

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