Kalahari Stalker by morkelerasmus

A handsome male cheetah on the lookout for prey as the heat of the late afternoon dies down in the Kalahari desert, Southern Africa.

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Royal Headon by nimitvirdi

We were scouring the forest for a glimpse of the big cat with her four sub adult cubs with the help of the sound of the forest as well as the key markers of a tiger’s movement like pug marks, warning calls from their prey, etc. The forest rangers around also speculated their whereabouts but in vain none were sighted. We left the area to a different part of their territory where they were seldom sighted and as soon as we entered the track we got her walking head on and as bold as her mother straight towards us. This is just one of her splendor stride captured with many more to come.

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Cheetah looking over the Zululand hills by EtienneOosthuizen

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Pair of cheetah siting and looking out for prey over a magical view of the Zululand hills at Thanda private game reserve

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Last Change by Rob_Janne


On our trip to the Bavarian forest in Germany, we would like to photograph Lynxes.
We spend a whole week waiting and hoping for a specific scene above on a rock.
It didn’t help us.
The last day, we lost almost all of our hope and packed our stuff and went down in the evening in the last light of the day.
Tomorrow we had to drive 800 km.
Below we would look one more time, if he was there. And yes he was there sitting on his rock almost in the dark.
This is the result of a week waiting for a particular picture.

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