OLSTINDEN AND A BOAT by johnnymyrenghenriksen


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Colors of fall by Fredrik-Meling

This photo is originally taken in Lofoten, Norway. The sky is from another picture and i tried to put it in there, however I was not able to get the smooth edges i was looking for. I’m trying to learn photoshop , so if you have any tips to what could be better please let me know. If you have a great youtube tutorial for smooth edges please let me know.

Lofoten is an amazing place in norway, during all seasons. It’s fairly easy to get around up there. An amazing place for photography

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The Overlook by Arild_Heitmann

A pretty epic and unphotographed view over some of the finest mountains in Lofoten. Moody conditions that i mostly prefer over the glorious sunsets. The rainshowers in the distance added a fair amount of drama as well.

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68 North Beyond the Arctic circle by YiannisPavlis

The light in winter is just jaw dropping (if the weather allows). From the end of September until the beginning of April you will have winterish light characteristics, as the sun does not rise higher than 20° above the horizon, and during the Arctic winter the sun won’t be rising at all..Please Visit me on Facebook!.

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