Waiting for Winter by stiann

It’s been a rainy and not so magical winter so far, but it’s gradually looking up! The snow cover isn’t all that thick and fluffy yet, but at least the dawn colors were rich and nice. Didn’t do much to the colors except some basic contrast adjustments really.

Thanks for looking, any feedback appreciated.

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The Big One by stiann

On the way to Store Skagastølstind, commonly dubbed The Big One. This peak is part of the Hurrungane mountain range found in western Norway.

Thanks for looking, any feedback appreciated!

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Autumn’s Farewell by stiann

Overlooking a fjord from a mountain farm in western Norway. It’s a welcome sight seeing the snow creeping down as the fall color fades away. It was a very colorful sunrise and I didn’t add any color to it except what came from minor contrast adjustments. A 180 degree view. For scale, the cliff to the right rises more than 1,700 meters up from the fjord. Also there’s a cargo ship down on the fjord..if you can find it. 🙂

Thanks for looking, any feedback appreciated.

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