Light Dance by cwexplorationphotography

My amazing fiance got me a brand new CF Induro for Christmas so I just had to try it out! Lucky enough for me I was greeted with some of the best light I’ve ever seen in the Central Cascades. It was insane! This is a 6 photo horizontally stitched pano.

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Snoqualmie, WA

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The Thaw by northwestcapture

As I’ve mentioned in the captions of several posts in the past, Vinny Pickens and I had one amazing trip to the North Cascades a couple summers ago. I’m still not done processing all the keepers that whirlwind four days, but here’s the latest.

We chose this location for backpacking on the final night our trip. I can still vividly remember how tired we were on the way to the lake since we had already spent several days hiking. To make matters worse, most of the trail was exposed and it was a brutally hot summer day. By the time we reached the lake we were both exhausted and dehydrated. Once we had a bit of time to set up camp and rest, we realized that we chose the absolute perfect time to visit.

The lake was about 2/3 of the way thawed, leaving pieces of ice floating about. As the sun dropped low on the horizon, the clouds began to part, allowing for a warmly lit mountain backdrop to appear. To cap things off, some fog began to form over the lake during the sudden temperature change as evening took hold. It was an amazing experience being out there to witness this.

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Beautiful Blue Bachelor by ZackSchnepf

Mt Bachelor, Oregon, about 30 minutes before sunrise. This is my home mountain here in Bend, OR. So many adventures and good times here. Last week, I strapped on my split board and hiked into the mountains for sunrise. It was a gorgeous, cold, clear morning. I took my GoPro with me and recorded my snowboard run down in 2 feet of fresh powder, you can see it here: Powder Surfing

I used my advanced techniques on tonality control using the TKAction Panel. I just finished producing a video on these techniques, it will be available very soon on my website.

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