The Promise by AlisterBenn

Taken on the last day we were on Iceland last a few weeks ago, this image has been one of the hardest I have ever put together. 11 vertical frames at 14mm handheld and manually blended, warped and encouraged into this 16:9 image. Handholding it slow enough to get some flow in the water was the least of the challenges!

This is in an area I have been exploring for a few years now, in summer the rocks are carpeted in a fragile moss and the delicate environment t takes some careful handling. In winter, with everything frozen and covered in snow it was actually a bit easier to access.

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Surprised by Joy by VictorCarreiro

I finally have a website! It’s far from being finished, but at least it’s up and running.

I took a day trip to the Sonoma Coast to see what I could find. It was actually frustrating and raining right up until sunset. I couldn’t find a decent comp and I had slipped on some rocks about dozen times until my knees were bleeding. Finding this little stream that fed into the ocean was a nice surprise.

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Stairway to Heaven by johannesnollmeyer

Shot this photo in Mullerthal, Luxembourg (also called Petite Suisse) – which is full of fairy forests, deep caves, a lot of rocks and some waterfalls. If you like my work, feel free to follow me and take a look on my facebook and instagram feed 🙂

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The Glowing Towers by aagazzi

It’s exactly one year ago when I uploaded my first image on 500px. I take this occasion and post slightly modified one of my images that I consider as my personal favorite for the year 2015. It was also the first image which has has reached a pulse over 99, kind of a special moment as a member here 🙂 Some of you have seen it though before, hopefully you don’t mind to see it once again, the original is
Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the year; many useful hints and tips have been addressed to me. I wish to everybody all my best for 2016!

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