Vermilion Colors of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

A must stop on our IT, the famous Horseshoe bend. Spent a couple of days in Page Arizona for antelope canyon and this iconic location. Horseshoe bend is located along HW89, just few minutes south of Page AZ. Thirty minute walk from the parking lot, a grand and majestic view awaits!

Classic sunburst sunset shot, nailed it! 😉 First time to see so much visitors plus a looooot of photographers with tripods lined up on the edges of the lookout point waiting for the sun to set. Amazing!!

We decided to check this place out again on a sunrise. Strange that we were the only ones there morning. Either this place is not known to be shot on sunrise or everybody’s still enjoying their beauty sleep. lol!

The 25% cloud cover forecast turned into 80% Woooot! So here’s something from that awesome morning, enjoy!

**View in black**

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Palisades Dusk by AaronGroen

Dusk 12/11/2015 – 5:09:21 PM
Palisades State Park, Garretson, South Dakota
Canon EOS 6D
EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
Lee Filters
@ 30.0 sec; f/13; ISO 100; 16mm
Copyright Aaron J. Groen –
@HomeGroenPhotography on Instagram

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Eclipse by DBPhotographe

View on “Roches de Crépin” or “Main de Crépin” in french 😉 Lac Long, Haute Vallée de la Clarée / France.
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silhouette Thai boys splashing with friend in the river by Mingmuang

silhouette Thai boys splashing with friend in the river near home.

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Into the Wild by StefanHefele

“Into the Wild” – Gloomy Dolomits

“While I was standing on the edge with an infinite depth in front of me I felt the last warmth of light on my skin while the cold shadows slowly spread and the darkness covered the monumental landscape like a veil.”

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The Edge by Arild_Heitmann

A different take on the iconic Skogafoss. People were giving me weird looks when i climbed down to the edge, like i was some kind of madman. I have to admit it was kinda scary standing just inches away from the drop. Combine that with crazy amounts of spray and the thundering roar from the waterfall, this was a very tense moment 🙂

We are doing another crazy cool Iceland tour in june 2016. Drop me a mail if youre interested.

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Trolltunga Morning by kaizross

As I had made my sunset photography where a couple had gotten engaged I went to sleep in my tiny tent not far from the troll’s tongue. The night was chill and my watch indicated 2 degrees Celsius. In the morning I boiled myself water and made double coffee to get me going. I had some chocolate and headed to check out the tongue more closely. It was peaceful almost spiritual. No one had arrived yet to disturb my moment with this place. I left my coffee by my gear and took a sit on this awesome unique place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. The feeling was so nice I really didn’t feel the urge to take lots of shots or try different things. I just sit there and enjoyed.

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